Size overview

We produce 4 basic sizes plus 2 non-truck gift boxes triangle and tube

Size comparison with 0,75l bottle

Truckbox Mini - the smallest gift box in our standard offer suitable fit for a few chocolate pralines, a USB flash drive, a small flashlight etc.

Midi Truckbox – a gift box for small items like a small bottle of wine, olive oil, golf balls, chocolate, flash light etc.

Plus Truckbox - a gift box a suitable fit for a wine bottle, champagne bottle, beer bottle, olive oil. It will also fit  chocolate. It can also be used for a T-shirt, umbrella and little things such as a bag of peanuts or a small jar of Pâté.

Mega Truckbox - the largest gift box in our standard offer with sufficient space for a three-litre bottle of wine, a towel or other bigger gifts.

Triangle - a gift box suitable for a bottle of wine, champagne, beer, olive oil and with plenty of space for other surprises (bags of peanuts and almonds, chocolate, promo flyers etc.).

Tube - an ideal gift box for a wine bottle or similarly-shaped items.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you request non-standard sizes.